We build you nearly any size ocean boat that you want. If you don't see what you're looking
for, please call, we design and build the perfect boat for you. Let us know what you've been dreaming
about and we will help you make it your reality! The ocean is waiting, lets get started today!


The 20'-22' standard or Widebody Tolman skiff is almost the perfect everything boat for Alaska. It will easily handle the rivers and even trips in the big waters of Prince William Sound. We can build a cuddy cabin up front with a hardtop or small cabin to add even more comfort for your Alaskan adventures.


The 24' Jumbo is an amazing mid-size boat for your ocean adventures. With a full cabin and creature comforts you'll find in any custom ocean boat. Because they are light weight, we're able to power these boats with much smaller engine packages and cut fuel burn by as much as half or less than a comparable sized aluminum boat!


The 25'-29' Super Jumbo is the ocean boat you dream about. Spend the entire weekend or a month exploring Prince William Sound or Homer's spectacular waters, fishing, hunting or just enjoying the incredible state we live in. The Super Jumbo will take you there and back in comfort. It is able to handle the big Alaskan waters with ease and safety. We can custom build this boat to your specs so it will provide you with a lifetime of Alaskan adventures


Cook Inlet HUNTER​ 21' - 24'

The Cook Inlet Hunter gives you the best all around river, lake, and inshore running with a very efficient lightweight composite hull that is towable with even a 1/2 ton! Perfectly suited for Alaskan shore line beaching, hunting, and fishing...this 21'-24' boat does it all well. It's well balanced hull is designed with fuel-efficiency, toughness, lightweight, and floor space.  Coupled with new technology 4 stroke outboards your fuel consumption, on this composite boat,  will be less than 1/2 of comparable size boats.  You will thank Cook Inlet boats at the fuel pump!

Cook Inlet Orca 25' - 34'
Are you tired of a pounding, rough riding boat? Or maybe you cringe when you go to fill the fuel tank in your heavy aluminum or fiberglass monster? What if you had a composite hull that rode rough water nice and yet sipped gas? We have the boat for you...the Cook Inlet Orca! This boat is designed with Alaskan waters in mind. It's also designed with you the customer in mind. Compared to national models we are confident you will agree that you can't find a better boat for the money...that will save you $1,000's in fuel costs.  This  8'5"-10'5" beam model has all the space you will ever need!