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Anthony Lyndaker
Anthony Christian Lyndaker is a fourth generation carpenter.  Anthony's father Arthur Lyndaker taught him how to frame houses and took him to work starting at 6 years of age. During the holidays the Lyndaker family would travel from Ohio to New Bremen, NY to visit his grandpa Ednor Lyndaker, who had a fine woodworking shop, where he built beautiful inlay table tops and cedar chests. Grandpa Ednor learned how to inlay table tops from his father, great-grandpa Christian Lyndaker.  Anthony was patiently taught fine woodworking by grandpa Ednor and this attention to detail is reflected in every boat that comes off the Cook Inlet shop floor. This fine carpentry and attention to detail is carried on by his cousin Keith (Lyndaker Inlay), his brother Arthur (Deeper Roots Carpentry) as well. 
We hope to earn your business at Cook Inlet Boats and may your dream boat become a reality on our shop floor! 
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